Základní škola Přísnotice

Za Kostelem 2, 664 63 Přísnotice admin@skolaprisnotice.cz

Elementary school and kindergarten Přísnotice, is involved in the EDUROAM project, which allows access to the network in a number of locations not only in the Czech Republic. The connected user has a user account maintained at their home institution and can then log on to any of the cooperating networks. Map of connected organizations in the Czech Republic here: http://www.eduroam.cz/doku.php


  • The visible "eduroam" is available on all wireless access points
  • WPA2 + AES encryption is used
  • Computer network usage is logged


  • A total of 3 wireless access points are installed
  • This ensures WiFi coverage throughout the school building
  • All access points broadcast in the 2.4GHz (802.11b / g / n) and 5GHz (802.11a / ac) bands


Provided IP addresses
  • In the eduroam network, we assign DHCP IPv4 addresses from the private range of
  • The private scope is translated (PAT / NAPT) to the public IP:
  • We block outgoing traffic on TCP/25, TCP,UDP/53, CIFS/SMB ports

  • In the eduroam network, we use Router Advertisement to assign addresses from the public range 2a09:e107:0:232::/64
  • We block outgoing traffic on TCP/25, TCP,UDP/53, CIFS/SMB ports

Administrator contacts

  • network management is provided by an external company
  • E-MAIL: admin@skolaprisnotice.cz